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Get The Best Proxy 2023

Get Proxy ... you got it! School or work not wanting you to get to Facebook, Twitter or some other site? Well, you came to the right place! We give you free proxy access to Facebook and anywhere else on the web for that matter. How do you say? Simple. Our proxy server takes the URL you enter and then browses the site for you. It then displays the site here so your browser never even knows you left! Cool huh? All of the links on the page are altered to keep you browsing through our server.

Be warned. Please do not engage in any illegal activity! Never assume you are completely anonymous unless you are using a true VPN server straight from your system. This does not apply to just this site! There is no such thing as completely anonymous web based proxy! Please don't believe any site that tells you otherwise. If being anonymous is what you are after I would highly recommend going to and choose a VPN service there. They have an accurate list of the best VPN services that are also tested regularly for speed as well as true anonymity.

If you like our service please pass it along to all of your friends. Your word of mouth keeps this site going. Spread the word. Thanks!

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